To become the leading provider of printing market, we are carrying out a policy of personalized attention to our customers; this policy includes both the technical advice for designing appropiate forms for your company, as well as the computer support requested to contact us.

GRAMA staff is formed by a group of people who work hard everyday so that you can enjoy the high quality of our products, with a personalized and appropriate service for each one of them.

From GRAMA management, we focused on the Quality and Environmental Policy as a way to organize our business life, basing it on some basic pillars such as the quality of our services and processes, the continuous improvement of efficiency, the customer satisfaction and also the pro-activity in environmental care.

The aim of promoting a culture of continual improvement is focused on the specific objectives that the management establishes and reviews periodically.

Therefore, GRAMA management states and assumes next principles:

  • The quality, the environment and its improvement are the responsibility of all the company staff, starting with the management itself.
  • Quality is oriented towards the satisfaction of all our customers, through the commitment of the organization to meet the needs and requirements set by them; as well as the strict compliance with quality, environmental, legal and regulatory requirements that apply to us regarding the provision of the service.
  • The commitment of all staff to protect the environment, especially to continuously improve our performance and prevent pollution, trying to minimise the consumption of natural resources by broadcasting good environmental practices in the organization.
  • The support of all staff to a continuous improvement plan, both the processes and the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System, in which preventing errors is a key aspect.
  • Manage, in an appropriate and respectful way with the environment, the waste generated as a result of our work, projecting at all times an image of respect and care for the environment.
  • Raise awareness and provide training and means for our staff to actively collaborate in this cause.
  • The quality and protection of the environment requires all players to be involved, for this reason it is imperative to take into account the motivation, training and communication of them.

This Quality and Environmental Policy is understood, communicated, implemented and maintained up to date at all levels of the company, and has the full commitment and support of the management of GRAMA, that establishes, develops and applies it through the Quality and Environmental Management System, implemented according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Based on the management quality system ISO 9001 implemented in the organization, our suppliers’ performance will be assessed, considering delays on delivery deadlines and errors on materials supplies, on the attached documentation or invoicing, resulting on the filling of nonconformity any of these circumstances. On a yearly basis, and according to the open nonconformities, the capacity of the suppliers for continuing providing their services will be assessed”.

Prepared by: Management Committee.
Approved by: Management.
Approval date: 02/10/2017