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Gemalto IDBridge

Interface devices, or readers, are an essential component of any smart card deployment and ensure communication between smart cards and network services, but they must do so in a convenient yet secure manner. Gemalto IDBridge smart card readers provide the perfect balance of ease of use and solid security. Gemalto [...]

Gemalto IDClassic

Gemalto IDClassic is a family of smart card products specifically designed to meet customer needs using non mini driver authentication or stored value frameworks. For many years, this family of products has proven its capability to fulfill these needs in both enterprise and government organizations and continues to meet these [...]

Gemalto IDConfirm

Gemalto IDConfirm is the backbone of Gemalto Protiva authentication solutions. Protecting network users with proven smart card technology, Gemalto IDConfirm is not only secure but flexible. IT administrators can deploy different strong authentication solutions, based on user need, and manage everything by a single authentication server. In addition, there is [...]

Gemalto IDCore

Gemalto IDCore strong authentication solutions are based on a flexible open platform solution that can be easily customized to fit into any corporate or public sector environment. With a full range of multipurpose smart cards, Gemalto IDCore solutions support applications such as logical and physical access, PKI services and digital [...]

Gemalto IDGo

Gemalto IDGo is an easily-integrated strong authentication security system and provides the highest level of identity protection by using public-key cryptography to store the users' identity credentials on the smart card instead of the PC where they are vulnerable to theft. With Gemalto IDGo in place, enterprises can manage access [...]

Gemalto IDPrime

Gemalto IDPrime solutions are built with proven smart-card technology. Strong, yet simple, they can fully protect access to the network without burdening users with long, complicated passwords or cumbersome hardware devices. The Gemalto IDPrime product portfolio is made up of a variety of form factors including contact cards with a [...]

Gemalto IDProve

The Gemalto IDProve portfolio of products consists of one-time-password generators in various form factors, including tokens, cards and mobile applications. One-time password systems provide a mechanism for logging on to a network or service using a unique password which can only be used once, preventing some forms of identity theft [...]

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