The maintenance service offered by Grama covers everything after the supply of the project to the client, so that you can solve any problems or mistakes in the original project. Along with support, we can offer a pre- and post-supply full customer service. Our production goal is zero defaults and zero troubles.

Also, depending on the character of the project and upon customer request, we can perform a maintenance to update the project which will take account of coverage malfunctions, damages or negligences for developing modifications, fixing mismatches or defects, dealing reported incidents, reviewing or renewing the project to adapt to new technologies or legislative changes, repairing mistakes in processes or forms defined by consumer or users…

This service, like the support process, will be carried out through any channel, whether in person, by phone or Internet.

Whole maintenance process is supported by our certifications and our quality management systems, ISO 9001, environmental policy, ISO 14001 and information security, ISO 27001. Be sure to contact us for specialized maintenance service.

Grama Services

Analysis prior to execution of project’s needs according to our expert knowledge and customer requirements.
Creative business addressed to conceptualize, transform and integrate exclusively a product based on client communication needs.
Implementation, testing and deployment of software on devices and systems for graphic communication and digital security.
Production of customized items and integrated solutions for graphic arts, communication and digital security in our factory.
Differentiation by adding glues, varnishes, inks, embossings and dies in traditional printing products to make them more attractive to markets.
Personalization of manufactured items for end customers with singular, specific, genuine and exclusive solutions.
Comprehensive printing, personalization and distribution support that cuts costs to your brand mixing works into one company.
Full organization of logistics, work processes, stores and items delivery according to client and customer needs.
Supply to customers and clients of articles, devices, systems and transformed raw materials during production at our own factory.
Directly transfer of systems, articles, devices and in-house manufactured goods by mail or courier directly to consumers.
Comprehensive help during the process of information, execution and warranty of orders through different customer service channels.
Comprehensive post-project support to keep produced solutions in perfect conditions and make updates on their functionalities.

If you need more information about our services, do not hesitate to tell us

Grama international provider of solutions for graphic communication and digital security