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vSEC:ID Server

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Do you want to add digital signature security to your organization’s work flows? The vSEC:ID Server is an easy to integrate software solution that enables PKI operations such as digital signature generation, signature verification, encryption, decryption and certificate validation.

Digital Signatures – a Cornerstone for Secure Transactions

Digital signatures enable organizations to put trust in their IT infrastructure because of the cryptographic certainty that they guarantee. Characteristics for digital signatures include:

  • Most important security feature for on-line transactions.
  • Electronic equivalent to a written signatures.
  • Secure, reliable and legally binding in most regions.
  • Industry standard for creating proof of an electronic transaction.

Overview of vSEC:ID Server

The vSEC:ID Server is a standalone server application that can be used independently or in conjunction with other products from Versatile Security.

The vSEC:ID Server performs the cryptographic operations required to verify the digital signatures made on the client side and validates the digital certificates used. The vSEC:ID server has many interfaces which makes it easy to integrate into any web application. The application interfaces include HTTP, XML and a Java SDK. The server component can also interact with back-end components such as HSMs through standard interfaces (PKCS#11).

The server component can perform all standard PKI operations such as sign, encrypt, decrypt, verify and validate certificates along with OCSP and CRL checking.

The vSEC:ID Server can be involved in all the companies work flows which require strong authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation.

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