In need of a management tool for a small quantity (<50) of smart cards? Want a tool that is easy to use, efficient and won't break the budget to buy? Then vSEC:CMS K-Series is what you need!

Smart card management

A smart card is a device that can be used for many purposes; the most important purpose for the enterprise security market is as an identification token using PKI digital certificates. For professional smart card use cases, especially when the smart cards are used as identification tokens, the smart cards must to be managed during their lifecycle.

Personalization tasks include setting PIN codes, setting policies (PIN or fingerprint), loading certificates and setting management keys. Management tasks include unblocking PIN codes, setting new PIN codes, renewing and issuing new certificates. Revocation is generally the end of the smart card lifecycle, but it could also mean that the card can be personalized again. vSEC:CMS K-Series handles all the smart card lifecycle tasks.

The operational modes of vSEC:CMS K-Series

vSEC:CMS K-Series is the smart card management system that grows as your smart card needs grow.

First, this is the expert’s tool that can be used free of charge at the early stages of an organization investigating smart card deployment (Tool mode) that you can use to perform all major smart card management operations such as:

  • Administration key change.
  • PIN and BIO policy management.
  • PIN change.
  • Online & Offline PIN unblock.
  • Detailed Smartcard Information.
  • Advanced certificate management.

Then, if you are satisfied with the features provided by the application you can easily upgrade to a professional version. The professional version provides high security levels by using hardware to protect the master key used to diversify new administration keys, and two-factor access control. Also, full application traceability is provided with all activities captured in a secure repository. With a small investment and less than a minute to upgrade, there is no application in the market that can match it!

Further, when your organization grows there are several documented migration paths to larger smart card management systems such as vSEC:CMS T-Series E-edition and vSEC:CMS T-Series S-edition from Versatile Security.

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