Self-mailer is one of the over worked Grama products in their facilities and the most demanded by customers today. This large production allows us to make very fast deliveries and to supply them with fulfilment service, which enables companies to focus on their core business, increasing their yields and making a full outsourcing mailing.

To perform manual tasks for customizing a letter and enveloping this is very expensive in time and resources, at the same time that all hand work is a source of human mistakes, especially when they are done on a large scale. Grama works on integral machines that allow to customize, fold and envelope all documents to be sent to your customers in multiple formats on a confidential, safe and trouble free format. It also allows to follow up and integrate the self-mailer with other items like cards or reply envelopes.

Our equipment of custom forms division is able to manufacture multilayer paper with variable information from large rolls of paper. So, we obtain particular products for mailing and printing suitable for each customer. These systems allow us to offer the latest technology to our customers to achieve maximum quality in our communication tools, low cost and short uptimes. We can also ensure safety in the treatment of confidential information that will remain inside a manufactured envelope.

We assure that data-mailer as end product does not have shortcomings because we use high quality raw materials to treat the letters, envelopes and prints. We guarantee a good customer experience in all products due to our knowledge about these supplies.

This product is traditionally associated with marketing but it also can be used to send your custom advices, personal payrolls, invoices, surveys, reminders, reports… Be sure to contact our sales team that will be gladly to answer to your individual needs and without compromise.