A rubber stamp is equipment used for printing a mark manually in commercial or internal documentation for controlling, coding and formalizing business and government forms. Moreover, in its design, we can add datestamps and numerators for dating or numbering a paper. Our departments work with the customers closely to apply their corporate image to the manufactured product. So that, there will be no color discrepancies that damage the company image.

We also have adapted consumables as pads and inks that are needed for printing, so that we can provide, along with the stamp, all items needed for a quickly startup.

We use high quality raw materials, so, we ensure that end products do not have defects or faults that give users a poor image. Our experience in this kind of deliveries allows us to ensure the best possible experience when consumers use our products.

Grama has a high industrial know-how so we can advise you on different market options, quality, safety and reliability of various machines and their functionality. All the requested material will issued as soon as possible so that the customer can work with the machines quickly. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information about this article and delivery options.