The manufacture of communications like ID cards, secret codes, private prizes and security PIN numbers to increase reliability in purchasing and banking activities requires specialized equipment in security and identification. One of the hallmarks of Grama’s technology division is to design, manufacture, customize and delivery documents in paper or plastic on a confidential, safe and personal way.

The Pin Tab label is a custom design and secure tamper proof label to avoid any handling that conceals personal PIN and PUK numbers printed on paper. It is a perfect device for sending confidential data in any language in a printed document such as passwords, security numbers and phrases. The form is manufactured in any size and can be customized later by the client with any laser printer and office software including his own PIN with a security font that makes it invisible with a naked eye. The receiver will know confidential data information placing the label in a detailing area as a document view. The anti-fraud measures built into the Pin Tab are evidence of any fraud that might happen with the disclosure of confidential information. If you try to reattach the previously peeled label, a warning color and word would be clearly visible on the surface of the label.

If the client needs a fulfilment service, we can also perform the delivery service. Furthermore, these communications will be automatically folded and enveloped by our equipment without intermediaries and free of human mistakes. After that, we will mail all the letters batches with total security and confidence for clients.

Grama follows PO standards for making up the PIN communication. So, we work closely with PO to provide the best customer services and to pass all checks. Our trained staff directly coordinates the mailing and delivery services from our facilities.

Our communications can be integrated with security technologies such as hidden panels, holograms, luminescence, invisible inks, embossing, die cuts, etc. Morover, we ensure a personal use avoiding transfers and warning on changes. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to get a no-commitment quote about this product.