A lanyard is a kind of cord or lace that is placed around the neck for easy transport of an object or an ID badge. Grama is a global market leader in the manufacture, customization and integration of lanyards as marketing and identification items for business and events such as fairs, shows, workshops, conventions and conferences.

Our lab will design the lanyard with the client according to the required size, the content to show and the corporate image. You can include any text, color or image that the client desires in them, in addition, we can deliver them in different forms and displays; we will use high quality materials to ensure the best possible user experience. Moreover, we can add other products such as codes, cards or labels that will improve the appearance of the lanyard to be used for information, promotion or identification of people.

All manufactured products will be delivered as soon as possible so that customers can use immediately their lanyards, no intermediaries, no hassles, no delays and no wasted time. Feel free to contact our sales team for more information about this item and all its potential of production, customization and integration.