Feitian ePassFIDO is a FIDO U2F security key with a secure element buit-in with two factor hardware authenticator designed for Universal Second Factor (U2F) standard hosted by the FIDO Alliance. With one Feitian ePassFIDO, a FIDO U2F security key, user is allowed to physically authenticate to all U2F-enabled services and applications, requiring no additional software or drivers to install.

FIDO (Fast ID Online) is an open standard for a secure and easy-to-use universal authentication interface created to address the lack of interoperability among strong authentication devices. FIDO provides two user experiences to address a wide range of use cases and deployment scenarios: Passwordless UX (UAF) and Second Factor UX (U2F).

Feitian ePassFIDO is a security key without batteries and works natively with Chrome in all platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS), providing no identifiable data and maintaining user privacy by securely generating and storing secrets within the secure elements.To use the U2F devices, user simply inserts the device, input their password and then touch the button on U2F device. Then the device will generate secured credentials to authorize by the server. It is available for multiple U2F-enabled services with one device while protecting user’s privacy. It is recognized as a HID and using USB-HID interface. So it will be used driver free on all platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux).

The most important features of Feitian ePassFIDO security key are:

  • One-For-All: one device supports multiple services.
  • Privacy: site specific keys, no secrets are shared among service providers.
  • Security: no phishing or man-in-the-middle.
  • Easy: great user experience, just press only one button.
  • Compatibility: works seamlessly on Windows, OSX and Linux. Identifies as a USB HID device which is standard on all computers.
  • Portable: fits nicely on a keychain or in a wallet.

Feitian is a trusted leader in the global market for multi-factor Authentication, personal identity, rights management, smart card and mobile smart card reader technology. Established in 1988, Feitian has developed as an essential component in the information architecture of private and public enterprise, government, and educational institutions throughout the world. Feitian is a sponsor level member of the FIDO alliance participating in the specification development of FIDO U2F.

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