Feitian D12CR is a dual cryptographic Java smartcard following Java Card 2.2.2 and Global Platform 2.1.1 standards; it is performed with a STMicroelectronics ST31G480 chip of 32 bits. Feitian D12CR is a Flash card with 88 kBytes non-volatile free storing and 4 kBytes user RAM. Its dual interface allows to work at contact and contactless environments, supporting ISO 7816 T=0 and T=1, ISO 14443 A, B and T=CL and being compatible with MIFARE® protocol.

All Feitian cards should be delivered with standard default keys for developing and testing environments, otherwise, they can be encoded to be used in all type of security inquiries. Moreover they have a full programming framework and a supported PKI applet.

Download a full review of Feitian cryptographic cards in PDF file

Feitian is a trusted leader in the global market for multi-factor authentication, personal identity, rights management, smart card and mobile smart card reader technology. Established in 1988, Feitian has developed as an essential component in the information architecture of private and public enterprise, government, and educational institutions throughout the world. Feitian is a sponsor level member of the FIDO alliance participating in the specification development of FIDO U2F. Please find out our innovative security token Feitian ePassFIDO and the rest of the portfolio of Feitian.

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Download all technical specifications of the Feitian D12CR dual cryptographic smartcard in PDF.