The confidential envelope is a bundle of governmental or internal documentation that allows to hide sensitive data sent through PO. Traditionally, we used them to send custom notifications, personal payslips, invoices, surveys and reports. Grama is working with large volumes of paper and advanced machines to allow us for making very fast deliveries and providing products with fulfilment service. So, client business can focus on their core, increasing their yields and making a full outsourcing mailing.

To perform manual tasks for customizing a letter and enveloping is very expensive in time and resources, at the same time that all hand work is a source of human mistakes, especially when they are done on a large scale. Grama works on integral machines that allow to customize, fold and envelope all documents to be sent to your customers in multiple formats on a confidential, safe and trouble free format. It also allows to follow up and integrate the envelope with other items like cards or to reply envelopes.

Grama follows PO standards for making up envelopes. So, we work closely with PO to provide the best customer services and to pass all checks. Our trained staff directly coordinates the mailing and delivery services from our facilities and will track every shipment.

Grama has a high industrial know-how so we can advise you on different market options, quality, safety and reliability of various products and their functionality. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information about this article and supply and delivery options available.