The health document is backed by excellent professionals who have the endorsement of their experience, their training and knowledge of the sector. Also, our machines are fully approved and calibrated to produce large volumes of paper associated with medical tests that can be delivered separately, in small continuous rolls or coils. A common use case is the encoding and confidential distribution of kits with easy instructions for obtaining samples for analysis and testing of fecal occult blood (FOBT), fecal immunochemical tests (FIT) and stool DNA (sDNA) for the colorectal cancer prevention.

Our graphics lab design the clinical samplings based on the dimensions required, the content to send and the corporate images of clients. We can add any text or image that customers want; moreover, we can print them in different formats and weights. All these products are produced with high quality materials to avoid damages. We can also customize them with hidden panels, holograms, luminescence, invisible inks, embossing, die cuts, codebars, chips, proximity RFID, etc. to provide high value. Furthermore, we can integrate other portfolio products like clinical samplings, health cards, medical tests or ID codes that will ensure a personal use and avoid transfers of them.

These products are perfectly sealed and stored in our warehouses in a full confidential and secure way. If the client needs a fulfilment service, we can also perform the delivery service. Furthermore, these clinical samplings will be automatically folded and enveloped by our equipment without intermediaries and free of human mistakes. After that, we will mail all the samplings batches with total confidence for clients.

Grama follows PO standards for making up clinical samplings. So, we work closely with PO to provide the best customer services and to pass all checks. Our trained staff directly coordinates the mailing and delivery services from our facilities.

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