Grama manufactures high value advertising products for their customers. These items are addressed to impress consumers and to engage business opportunities. They use all sorts of colors, finishes and customizations that ennoble product quality.

Our graphics lab design the business cards based on the dimensions required, the content to show and the corporate images of clients. We can add any text, image or photo that customers want; moreover, we can print them in different formats and weights. All these products are produced with high quality materials to allow folds without damage. We can also customize them with dies or embosses to provide high value.

All cards can be two-sided customized and full-color printed, offset or digital. Also, they can be subsequently post-printed with right printer, including a photograph, identifying barcode or QR code for mobile devices.

On a large scale, Grama company is able to create letters adding cards glued to paper. Moreover, these items will be easily peelable by customers. Furthermore, these letters-cards will be automatically folded and enveloped by our equipment without intermediaries and free of human mistakes. After that, we will mail all the advertising batches with total security and confidence for clients.

In addition, they can be recorded internally with ID data about the owner, the validity and other characteristics; these references will be written to a integrated and protected storage area in the product on a magnetic stripe, chip contact, cryptographic, proximity or mixed with different protocols, standards and frequencies (ISO 7816, ISO 14443, ISO 15693, ISO 18000, ISO 18092, MIFARE®, EPC, NFC, EMV, HID, SIM, 125 KHz, 13,56 MHz, 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz, LF, HF, UHF…).

All manufactured products will be delivered as soon as possible so that customers can use their business cards immediately, no intermediaries, no hassles, no delays and no wasted time. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information about this item and all its potential.