The ballot paper is a document used as a voting tool in elections and referendums. Grama manufactures high security and fully confidential ballots that are backed for customers. Our lab staff will ensure that the design set by the client is transferred faithfully to the printed replica and it does not conflict with the original.

In the manufacture of ballots, we follow current standards and laws. So that, we work closely with clients so that provided services will be universally approved. We also test them to pass all checks that each provider sets. Trained staff coordinates directly the mailing and delivery services from our facilities.

They also can be integrated with security technologies such as holograms, luminescence, invisible inks, embossing, die cuts, etc. Morover, we ensure a personal use and avoid transfers of them. Each ballot can be printed with a single and serial ID number, if needed. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to get a no-commitment quote about this product.