Legal documents for public entities, law firms and offices, are one of the Grama industrial applications, which daily serves the needs of hundreds administrations as well as technicians and professionals in its paper forms division.

We print acknowledgements of receipt, for certifiying mails, on a massive scale using classic forms designed and manufactured in accordance with the mandatory and statutory regulations prevailing in the official postal service of each country.These alerts and notifications can be automated and integrated with other products from a database or data warehouse to provide a fulfilment printing and mailing service.

Every color and line is respected and faithfully reproduced through graphic labs. Also customization and delivery departments work on ensuring a right match between each acknowledgment and each letter. This guarantees that all clients receive right content delivered. We also use an identify barcode under current regulations. Subsequently all acknowledgments details can be digitally worked with software through various postal protocols for shipment management, acknowledgments and notifications.