Grama Company was founded in 1989. Initially specializing in printed communication has evolved since then, thanks to continuous investment in leading technology and stable staff, innovative and constantly training to also cover the new needs of digital communication.

All these products are manufactured and optionally customize sensitive data on 5,500 m2 plant located in the north of Spain and operational 24 hours a day. Also exports more than one third of the total volume to markets in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
To complete the solution, Grama offers its customers consulting, design, finishing, fulfilment, mail distribution and logistics, support and maintenance.
Grama stands out greatly by their values​​, quality, confidentiality, innovation and flexibility in their products, solutions and services. In addition to providing a personalized service, we respect and complete honesty in our business relationships.
Since 1990, Grama holds the certification system ISO 9001 total quality. Respect the environment through ISO 14001 is part of our identity since 2001. The security of our processes and services is present and fully endorsed by the ISO 27001 since 2010.

With an extensive portfolio of products, available in stock or manufactured according to customer specifications, Grama designs, integrates, customizes and delivers the following solutions for marketing, business, government and security areas:

  • Corporate prints.
  • Legal forms.
  • Administrative forms for business, labor, tax and clinical applications.
  • Direct-mailing and self-mailer.
  • Prints and advertising material for visual communication.
  • Stubs, cheques and security prints.
  • Tags, tickets, smart cards, cryptographic tokens, e-signature and readers for identification, loyalty and authentication of people and products.
  • Password, PIN and SIM card for banking and mobile services.
  • Machinery and equipment: folders, sealers and printers.
  • Software, middleware of data management and digital security.

Grama Company also perform consultancy, design, development, manufacturing, finishing, customize, fulfilment, management, delivery, mailing, support and maintenance services on graphic communication and digital security.