Feitian ePassFIDO


Feitian ePassFIDO is a FIDO U2F security key with a secure element buit-in with two factor hardware authenticator designed for Universal Second Factor (U2F) standard hosted by the FIDO Alliance. With one Feitian ePassFIDO, a FIDO U2F security key, user is allowed to physically authenticate to all U2F-enabled services and [...]

Gemalto IDProve


The Gemalto IDProve portfolio of products consists of one-time-password generators in various form factors, including tokens, cards and mobile applications. One-time password systems provide a mechanism for logging on to a network or service using a unique password which can only be used once, preventing some forms of identity theft [...]



Grama facilities are ready for a large scale production of secure custom wristbands to identify people or products. Our ID expert fall upon custom designs and secure manufactures of high quality wristbands for simple or multiple uses. We use synthetic paper or plastic to make up wristbands that can also [...]