cardPresso is the ultimate software to make professional card design and production easy and provides the best options and capabilities for the creation of all types of badges. Graphic design and personalization tools are built in. Magnetic, contact and contactless chip encoding are available. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to [...]

Gemalto IDConfirm


Gemalto IDConfirm is the backbone of Gemalto Protiva authentication solutions. Protecting network users with proven smart card technology, Gemalto IDConfirm is not only secure but flexible. IT administrators can deploy different strong authentication solutions, based on user need, and manage everything by a single authentication server. In addition, there is [...]

Gemalto IDGo


Gemalto IDGo is an easily-integrated strong authentication security system and provides the highest level of identity protection by using public-key cryptography to store the users' identity credentials on the smart card instead of the PC where they are vulnerable to theft. With Gemalto IDGo in place, enterprises can manage access [...]

vSEC:CMS U-Series


Today smart cards are used as identity devices by many organizations where medium to high levels of security are required. Organizations can use smart cards for physical access to corporate buildings, corporate network application authentication and access, encryption of sensitive data and signing and encryption of emails to name some [...]

vSEC:ID Server


Do you want to add digital signature security to your organization’s work flows? The vSEC:ID Server is an easy to integrate software solution that enables PKI operations such as digital signature generation, signature verification, encryption, decryption and certificate validation. Digital Signatures – a Cornerstone for Secure Transactions Digital signatures enable [...]

vSEC:ID Server Key


Using vSEC:ID Server Key, servers can quickly and cost effectively be upgraded to use hardware protected keys instead of file based keys. Smart Cards for Server Side Cryptographic Key Operations Often organizations are making large investments to use hardware tokens such as smart cards for their users’ authentication, digital signatures, [...]