Legal documents for public entities, law firms and offices, are one of the Grama industrial applications, which daily serves the needs of hundreds administrations as well as technicians and professionals in its paper forms division. We print acknowledgements of receipt, for certifiying mails, on a massive scale using classic forms [...]

Integrated product


Grama has all kinds of machinery for the comprehensive treatment of different products such as paper and plastic. From these raw materials, our machines will print fully finished items for customers. All products manufactured by Grama go through different techniques and processes to make the best form. Multiple mixing of [...]



Grama company specializes in secure manufacture and individual customization of ticketing documents on high quality paper, synthetic, label or plastic card. The user who is supplied with an invitation can can use a service or attend an event within an area of the site for fixed terms. An invitation can [...]

Textile label


Grama can supply textile manufacturers with tags or textile labels made of paper, silicone or other plastics individually printed, saved and customized for sorting, tracing and marketing of clothing. Our tag experts fall upon custom designs and secure manufactures of high quality labels for a basic use that can be [...]